5 Unique Ways To Personalize a Headstone

5 Unique Ways To Personalize a Headstone

5 Unique Ways To Personalize a Headstone

With these five unique ways to personalize a headstone, you can build an intimate and beautiful memorial to honor your loved one.

Porcelain Photo

A typical way people choose to personalize headstones is with a porcelain photo. These photos capture your loved one's images so you can look upon their faces every time you visit their site. The best part about adding a porcelain photo is you don't have to do it when ordering the headstone. Porcelain plaques for headstones can be retroactively installed on a monument with only a few simple tools, so you can do it yourself whenever you're ready.

Unique Headstone Material and Shape

If you want the gravestone to stand apart from the rest, you can get it made using a unique stone or shape. Most headstones are made of granite, but you could opt for granite or quartzite. Also, the gravestone can get cut into a specific shape. You can go for something because of its visual appearance, or you can have the headstone carved into a cross or Star of David for a more personal touch. Some monuments even come in the shape of a bench to encourage prolonged visits. You can even get a fieldstone where the gravestone is made from a natural bolder.

Incorporate a Statue

Some people will choose to have a statute incorporated with the headstone. This can manifest itself in multiple ways, from a gravestone that is itself the statue to a standard headstone with a statue next to it. Often, people will choose a figure that is religious, such as an angel. However, the options are limitless depending on the plot's codes and the headstone maker's abilities.

Personal Epitaph

The most common way to personalize headstones is with epitaphs. In these few words, you can sum up what a person meant to the world and the people who loved them. The famous comedian Merv Griffin's headstone reads, "I will not be back right after this message." While you don't need to put a joke, the point is that you shouldn't feel limited by what you do write. An epitaph is, in some ways, a person's final words, so it should be a proper reflection of who they were.

Custom Carving

There also are custom carvings that you can add to the borders of a gravestone. These carvings are typically images that relate to the epitaph or the person's life story.

By using these five unique ways to personalize a headstone, you can create a piece of stone that draws on the best memories and moments in a person's life to make a beautiful memorial. If you would like to memorialize a loved one's image on their gravestone, trust in MemorialPics for expertly crafted porcelain photos.

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