MemorialPics - How to Put a Picture on a Headstone


Monument companies may offer to install the ceramic pictures on the headstones and essentially remove a piece of the monument to fit the photo inside. However, these ceramic pictures can also be installed with relative ease using industrial adhesive supplied by many distributors, which comes free with all of our products. 

How to Put a Picture on a Headstone


1. Use alcohol to clean the mounting surface (i.e. headstone, grave marker, urn, etc.) to which the ceramic picture will be placed.

2. Place your ceramic picture on the mounting surface and mark the positioning with a pencil or other instrument.

3. Remove the film from the tape on the back and position the ceramic picture between your markings, pressing it firmly for about 2 minutes.

4. For the most attractive results, use a high quality silicon caulking to seal the gap between the edges of the ceramic picture and the mounting surface. This will also provide a seal to keep moisture from possibly affecting the adhesive.

It's that easy! See our MemorialPics