Creative Ways To Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Creative Ways To Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Creative Ways To Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Finding the right words to say, ways to pay respects, and things to do after a loved one passes can be difficult and complicated. While you never truly move on from the death of a loved one, you can find ways to treasure their memory forever and come to terms with life after their passing without forcing yourself to forget them. By finding creative ways to honor the memory of a loved one, you’ll keep their spirit close to your heart as time passes.

Celebrate Their Birthday Every Year

If you’ve dedicated your late loved one’s birthday to memory and looked forward to it every year when they were alive, keep the birthday celebration going by making the day a family holiday.

Use the day to do everything that your loved one would have wanted to do for their birthday—go to their favorite places, eat their favorite foods, and take the day off from chores or work. Fondly remember your loved one by looking through pictures and videos of them, and finish the day by visiting their memorial to wish them a happy birthday.

Donate To Your Loved One’s Favorite Charity

Your loved one may have donated to a specific charity when they were alive or championed a particular cause. If they had a favorite charity to donate money or items to, consider keeping their charitable nature alive by donating in their memory. Try to contribute to the favored charity once a year—you may even make it a part of their birthday celebration.

If they didn’t have a favorite charity, consider donating in their memory to an organization that helped them or you during their final moments.

Decorate Their Memorial

No matter how long it’s been since their passing, keeping their memorial clean and beautiful is an essential and creative way to honor the memory of a loved one. Whether you simply refresh the flowers at their grave or purchase a new wreathe, either update will keep the memorial beautiful and unique.

Keep their image and memory fresh in your mind by installing a photo of your loved one on their headstone. Even if the monument is simple or old, you can install porcelain plaques for headstones on any clean surface of the stone.

MemorialPics LLC provides customers with the same quality photos for headstones that a monument sculptor would use—only less expensive. If you need to save money on their funeral costs or add their image to their existing monument, contact us to customize your weatherproof porcelain photo today.

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