Different Types of Headstone Photo Plaques

Different Types of Headstone Photo Plaques

Different Types of Headstone Photo Plaques

When you’re picking out a headstone photo to memorialize your loved one, you have several types of plaques you can choose. While each one is an excellent product in its own right, they all have different uses and work better with certain pictures. If you’re stuck on the different types of headstone photo plaques to hold the image of your loved one, consider these options and their uses to make the choice easier.

Oval Plaques

Some of the most popular types of ceramic headstone photos are oval-shaped types. Perfect for elegantly depicting a single individual, these slim plaques cut away much of the background to bring the subject of the image to the forefront.

You’ll see oval images in other locations, too—from picture frames to award plaques in town halls, ovals conserve space for more room on a desk or wall. On a gravestone, oval memorial plaques accomplish the same goal; they save space on the monument for epitaphs, engravings, and borders.

Use oval plaques for a space-conserving, elegant image of a solo subject.

Framed Oval Plaques

Another form of oval photos for grave markers includes those with frames and covers. The frame makes the image pop more than the borderless plaque and can add more glamor to an already beautiful picture. Add a bronze cover to the photo to protect the image and make the frame even more classy.

Rectangular Plaques

If you need a larger area than an oval to fit your image, a rectangle may suit it better. Rectangles allow for wider images that don’t slim down well into an oval shape. By flipping the rectangle horizontally, you allow more space for a family photo or a picture of the subject doing something that they loved.

Rectangular plaques can take up a lot of space—make sure you measure the area on the headstone that you have before ordering a rectangle!

Heart-Shaped Plaques

The final plaque on the list of different types of headstone photo plaques is the heart-shaped ceramic photo. Hearts work best when there are two subjects in the image—such as a couple or your loved one and their pet. They add more sentimentality to a grave that honors a married couple rather than just one person.

Consider a heart-shaped plaque for married couples or pictures where the subject is off to one side and holding a child or a beloved pet.

MemorialPics has a useful in-browser photo editor that allows you to see how your photo fits into the plaque before you purchase it. Try them all and find the best plaque to honor your loved one’s memory. Order a weatherproof, easy-to-install ceramic photo today!

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