Guide To Buying a Ceramic Headstone Photograph

Guide To Buying a Ceramic Headstone Photograph

Guide To Buying a Ceramic Headstone Photograph

As you search for the perfect addition to your loved one’s memorial, one of the first options that come to mind is purchasing a ceramic photograph for their headstone. If you’re unsure of the steps required to buy a photo separately from a monument or headstone maker, we’re here to help you with a simple guide to buying a ceramic headstone photograph. Only invest in the best ways to represent your loved one on their monument and do so without spending too much money.

Find the Best Picture To Represent Your Loved One

The first step to making your late loved one’s monument truly special with a ceramic picture is to find the perfect photograph that encapsulates who they were as a person. Find an image that future generations can look back on and truly get a glimpse of what your loved one was like. You may choose to represent them with a photo from when they were younger, or you could choose a photo from their sunset years.

Try to avoid large group photos, tiny photos, or low-quality photos. You want to fit the image within the frame while spotlighting the person the monument is for. Scan the photo to your computer yourself, ask your family for help, or ask for help digitizing the photo at your local library to simplify the ceramic photo purchasing process.

Choose Your Shape and Send Your Photo

Once you have the perfect photo, you can choose a frame or plaque that truly accentuates the image. You can pick a sleek, frameless ceramic image or a beautiful frame for the photo to rest inside. Oval pictures for headstones work perfectly for individual photos and will frame your loved one’s face wonderfully.

At MemorialPics, you’ll need to upload the photo to our website by using the on-site photo editor. You can decide whether to face the ceramic photo vertically or horizontally once printed.

With the photo uploaded to the editor, you can easily drag the picture around the shape of choice to decide what will be on the finished product. Zoom in or out to crop different parts of the photo and remove them from the final image. Add text to the image or click on the “Continue Purchase” button to continue.

If you’d prefer to avoid the photo editor, choose the “Have Us Customize It” option and make notes of what you want in the final image. We’re happy to answer any questions and expand on this guide to buying a ceramic headstone photograph if you need further assistance with your durable ceramic photograph purchase from MemorialPics.

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