How To Clean a Ceramic Photograph on a Headstone

How To Clean a Ceramic Photograph on a Headstone

How To Clean a Ceramic Photograph on a Headstone

Ceramic photographs for headstones can handle any weather and any environment—they’re meant to last for decades, no matter where the gravesite is. However, it’s natural to find that your ceramic photograph has calcium buildup on the surface from when the groundskeepers water the area.

Cleaning a ceramic photograph on the headstone of your loved one is simple and won’t take longer than a few minutes to complete. Know how to clean a ceramic photograph on a headstone, and keep your loved one’s grave looking beautiful every day, all day, and all year long.

Cleaning off Residue From Water

Calcium buildup from water may make your ceramic photograph look foggy or scuffed on the surface—don’t worry, though; it’s easy to fix. All you need is a flat edge, like a razor, and a soft cloth. If possible, bring a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Once you have your tools at the grave marker, gently take the straight edge to the water stains. Lightly scratch off the residue with the razor, but don’t press too hard. Otherwise, you might scratch the surface of the ceramic. The calcium residue should come off in the form of white dust, the same way it would if you were removing calcium buildup from your faucet or showerhead at home.

After scratching at the watermarks, rub the soft cloth along the surface of the photo. You’ll remove the dust and make the ceramic photo look brand-new again.

Check the Caulk Before You Leave

To ensure a long-lasting grip on your ceramic photo, look at the quality of the silicone caulk before you leave the headstone. Make sure there aren’t any holes or gaps in the adhesive. If you do find gaps, fill them in with the same clear silicone caulk to ensure the adhesive tape holds its grip.

Gently Clean the Frame

If your ceramic photo has a bronze frame that has lost its shine, carefully coat it with a mix of gentle dish soap and water. Don’t allow the mixture to sit on the bronze frame—wipe it away with a soft cloth. Make sure not to leave any soap residue behind on the frame.

No matter what kind of headstone picture your loved one’s grave has on it, knowing how to clean a ceramic photograph on a headstone is a simple process. All oval pictures for headstones from Photos for Headstones are weatherproof and won’t fade in the sunlight—once you’ve installed it, your photo won’t require much maintenance, if any.

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