How to Properly Care for a Loved One’s Grave

How to Properly Care for a Loved One’s Grave

How to Properly Care for a Loved One’s Grave


The care that you show your loved ones doesn’t need to stop after they pass away. Maintaining the grave site of your late spouse or family member shows a level of care that stretches beyond death. You can keep their memory alive by learning how to properly care for a loved one’s grave. You’ll keep the site safe for future generations and also keep their memory close to your heart.

Keep the Grave Clean

While many graveyards and final resting places have groundskeepers to keep the place looking tidy for visitors, they may not clean each grave or provide each site with meticulous care—that’s up to the family to handle. It’s not hard to clean a grave; all you’ll need is water, sponges, and a toothbrush. If the grave has algae, you may need a tool to scrape it off the surface or dig it out of engravings. Avoid cleaning damaged graves.

Don’t forget to tidy up the area around the grave by removing fallen leaves, litter, and dead flowers. If the cemetery doesn’t have a groundskeeper, you may need to mow the lawn surrounding the grave. Don’t touch other families’ graves if you can help it—you never know if you might accidentally damage a grave.

Add to the Grave

You may not have had the time or money to provide your loved one with the most suitable monument. It’s never too late to beautify the grave with additional features or engravings—especially if money is less of an issue long after their passing.

Attach a ceramic photograph to their headstone, add a permanent vase to the monument, or commission a professional to engrave an inspiring quote that they lived by. This way, visitors and family members alike will have a better image of your loved one.

One of the greatest ways to properly care for a loved one’s grave, especially when adding to the gravestone itself, is to install a ceramic headstone photograph. The clear, long-lasting picture will help others see your loved one the way they deserve.

Entrust MemorialPics to provide you with the same high-quality porcelain plaques for headstones that monument creators and funeral homes use at a lower price. Installing the addition yourself will save you money—and money saved on a gravestone allows you to allocate your funds for a different way to honor your late loved one after you’ve attached the photograph!

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