The Difference Between Porcelain and Enameled Steel Cameos

The Difference Between Porcelain and Enameled Steel Cameos

The Difference Between Porcelain and Enameled Steel Cameos

As you shop around for the best way to represent your loved one on their headstone, you may come across a couple of different types of materials that make up your headstone photo. Two of the main materials you may see in a gravestone plaque are pure porcelain and enameled steel.

Whichever type you choose will make a big impact on the lifespan and quality of your special image. Before you buy an image for your loved one’s monument, learn the difference between porcelain and enameled steel cameos to ensure that you don’t make a mistake.

Pure Porcelain Headstone Photos

A memorial picture crafted solely out of porcelain is a product that’s built to last generations. Porcelain is one of the most weatherproof materials that you can find—whether you’re searching for headstone photos or outdoor tiles. Simple and inexpensive compared to enameled steel, pure porcelain won’t rust or corrode due to rain or oxygenation.

When creating your personalized porcelain plaque, we fire the image onto the porcelain at extremely high temperatures to ensure that the colors stay vivid on the surface of the material. Without any other materials to interfere with the quality, your porcelain picture will stay glossy and undamaged for many years to come—even outdoors.

Enameled Steel Headstone Photos

Not to be confused with framed headstone photos, enameled steel photos have a bottom layer of steel topped with a layer of porcelain. Enameling the steel allows the porcelain to stick to the steel more easily. These pictures are typically thinner than pure porcelain photos; however, they come at a higher price point than just porcelain gravestone plaques.

The addition of metal to the composition of your image only worsens the quality. The combination of enameled steel and porcelain can’t survive in as hot of a kiln temperature as the total porcelain images can. This results in your image losing vibrancy—it also may turn out faded. The steel also puts the plaque at risk of rusting and corroding, which can severely affect the longevity of your precious headstone addition.

Having worked with both materials and experiencing the differences between porcelain and enameled steel cameos, the experts at MemorialPics found that porcelain oval memorial plaques are better in every way. From cost to quality, we care about the products that we sell to our customers. Our affordable, pure porcelain photos come to you at the same high quality that a monument maker or cemetery would offer you for a higher price.

Avoid feeling pressured to make a quick decision on a headstone photo—come to MemorialPics for an easy buying process that’s centered on you and your dearly departed.

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