The Different Types of Photos To Place on a Grave

The Different Types of Photos To Place on a Grave

The Different Types of Photos To Place on a Grave

When you consider all the photographs that your recently passed loved one was in, it’s easy to lose count. Picking a photo to place on their headstone is a challenge. In a single picture, you must represent everything about the person you’re memorializing—their personality, their values, and their history.

Don’t let the number of photos you have to choose from overwhelm you. Narrow your options down by separating the different types of photos to place on a grave along with their meanings and make it an easier choice for your family.

Couple Pictures

Did your loved one have a lifelong commitment to their spouse? If their marriage was one of the defining elements of their life, choose a happy photo of your loved one and their spouse to represent their everlasting love. The couple may even share a gravestone—if they do, make sure that each person in the image is on the corresponding side by their name on the monument.

You can represent them both clearly in a heart-shaped ceramic photo—any other shape may cut off one of the subjects. Choose a photo that focuses only on the happy couple. If they’re in the background of the image it may not look good on the headstone.

Pet Pictures

Though our furry friends have shorter lifespans than we do, the memories we make with them last a lifetime. For someone who loved their animals more than they loved themselves, you may want to use an image of them with their favorite pet—if they had one. With many animal lovers, it’s impossible to choose just one pet; judge pet pictures based on how good they look if you can’t decide on a favorite.

Oval pictures for headstones work well for pet photographs, especially if your loved one is holding the pet. Both your loved one and the beloved pet will fit in the frame and be the focal point of the image.

Military Photos

Whether the military was a major element of your loved one’s life, or they passed away during their service, using a picture of them in their full uniform—including decorations, if they have any—will honor their sacrifices and achievements. In your veteran’s final resting place, the ceramic headstone photo alone will allow passersby to know more information about their service. Others may also honor your loved one by leaving flags at their grave on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

The different types of photos to place on a grave may vary based on the deceased’s preference of how they wished others to remember them. They may have wanted a joyful photo or a photo with a special meaning on their headstone—however you choose to represent your loved one, make sure it has the qualities that make it a good candidate for a memorial plaque before you settle on it.

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