Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Headstone

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Headstone

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Headstone

After a loved one has passed, there are many big financial and emotional decisions that you need to make in a matter of days. This rush can lead to poor judgment. So you’ll want to be extra cautious in intense times like these. Read about the things you should know before purchasing a headstone. This way, you can ensure you do all of your due diligence before buying such a significant item.

Types of Headstones

Whether you want the inexpensive and lowkey flat marker or the traditional upright stone, you can choose from various monuments. Your decision will depend on your price range and preference. You can even get more unique gravestones shaped as benches so that people have a quiet place to sit for prolonged visits to the cemetery. Also, you can get a winged headstone for spouses who want to lie buried side by side.

Cemetery Regulations

Every cemetery will have its own rules and regulations for the type and size of headstone you can install. Some will have stringent rules to maintain a uniform look throughout the yard, while others will allow you to get any headstone type as long as it fits within your plot. However, there will typically be regulations about the size of your headstone, depending on the plot purchased. So before making any decisions, ensure that you’re familiar with what freedoms the cemetery will allow with the headstone design.

The Prices of Monument Dealers

If your loved one fails to plan ahead, you’ll be in a time crunch when searching for a headstone. This panic can cause you to make ill-advised financial decisions. For example, you might accidentally invest in a poorly crafted monument that’s overpriced. So, even if you want this process over as quickly as possible, take the time to compare your quote with other dealers. Hopefully, this way, you won’t ever get hoodwinked into buying a bad marker for your loved one’s grave.

Is It Big Enough for Customization?

After you purchase your headstone, you’ll want to add personal details to it, such as an epithet or picture. If you’re going to add a framed picture, consider the dimensions of the picture and the headstone. The smallest porcelain plaques for headstones at MemorialPics LLC are 2.8 inches by 3.6 inches. So you’ll need to leave at least that much space. But you’ll want even more space if you desire anything larger.

Now that you’re familiar with the things you should know before purchasing a headstone, you can make a responsible buy and find the perfect monument for you.

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