Understanding the Differences Between Types of Headstones

Understanding the Differences Between Types of Headstones

Understanding the Differences Between Types of Headstones

As you and your family work through the complicated process of planning for a burial, you’ll have to consider a few design options when building a monument, which should be a personal reflection of your love. By understanding the differences between types of headstones, you can make an informed decision on the kind of burial marker you’ll need to order.


Upright headstones are the most common type of headstone because their height makes them easy to see from a distance. This monument consists of two pieces of stone: the base and the die. The base lies flat along the ground; the die is the vertical slab atop it. The die often features designs and the deceased’s information. The top of the die can be curved or flat.


The slant gravestone is very similar to an upright one, but with a few exceptions. A slant headstone also features a base with a die atop it. However, the die is short and broader, with a large, slanted top that contains the inscriptions. Technically, to cut costs, you don’t need a base for a slant headstone, although it’s typically preferred.

Flat or Bevel

A flat headstone is the most basic of options. The stone sits level with the ground, only a few inches thick. People often choose the flat option because it’s a cost-effective way to have a beautiful stone monument.

A bevel monument is slightly raised on the back so that the stone has a slight slope. A bevel gravestone will therefore stick out from the ground a little, and its tilt helps with readability.


A bench gravestone is as its name suggests. When you opt for a bench gravestone, you’ll have a special, quiet place where people can visit and reflect on your loved one. A simple stone bench shouldn’t require too much material, but more ornate designs with backrests will need a decent amount of expensive stone material. However, the monument design’s uniqueness and functionality make it a favorite option.


A wing headstone features two dies on a base with a vase separating them. People typically choose wing designs for spouses or family members who are sharing a monument. This way, the individuals can have their own inscriptions while remaining united. Sometimes, rather than having two separate die, the stone marker will be one giant piece with an insert carved into the middle.

Once you understand the differences between types of headstones, you can begin focusing on more personal additions to the monument, such as the inscription or a porcelain photo. If you’re looking for a personalized photo to add your loved one’s marker, the waterproof picture frames for graves from Memorial Pics are your best options.

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