Ways To Personalize Your Loved One’s Headstone

Ways To Personalize Your Loved One’s Headstone

Ways To Personalize Your Loved One’s Headstone

You should explore these ways to personalize your loved one’s headstone if you want their monument to represent how much they meant to the people in their lives.


The easiest way for a headstone to stand out is through a colored stone such as amazon green, mountain rose, or blue pearl. For starters, these unique colors will make the grave stand out from the crowd, making it easy to find during your visits. You can also choose a color that reflects the personality of your loved one. This can be as simple as choosing their favorite color or selecting colors based on their spiritual or symbolic meaning.

Photo Plaque

One of the drawbacks of most headstones is that they don’t show a picture of the deceased. You can bring a picture frame, but those aren’t made to withstand the outdoors. Additionally, they can easily be stolen or ruined with a little bit of rain. But with a porcelain plaque, you can install a permit photo that will hold up against the test of time.


Where headstones differ most is often in their size. Flat markers are the cheapest option because they require the least amount of material. As their name suggests, they lay flat on the ground. There are also pillow makers that, while similar to flat makers, stand about six to eight inches high with a slight slant. They get their name because it almost looks like you could lay on the headstone for a nap.

There is even more variation in upright headstones. You’ll have to choose between square, arched, or gothic for the top of the stone. You can get even more unique with a custom-carved gravestone. From religious symbols to an image of your first car, you can have the monument cut into just about any size if you find the right broker.

Fresh Flowers

There are a few ways to add flowers to a grave. You can have a metal flower plot built into the headstone, plant them around the site, or leave a bouquet at the base of the headstone. Besides providing a pleasant aroma and beauty, bringing flowers to the monument gives you a reason to visit. Maintaining the flowers can provide a great excuse to make frequent trips to the cemetery to see the one you love.

Any one of these ways to personalize your loved one’s headstone will make for thoughtful additions to their monument. If you want to add a gravestone picture to a loved one’s headstone, reach out to Memorial Pics. Our porcelain plaques can easily be installed onto any smooth surface.

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