What To Do If There’s a Mistake on the Headstone

What To Do If There’s a Mistake on the Headstone

What To Do If There’s a Mistake on the Headstone

If you’re unsure what to do if there’s a mistake on the headstone, this blog will walk you through what to do to fix the situation.

Check Your Contract

Once you notice a mistake on a loved one’s headstone, you’ll want your check your contract with the monument company because some will have clauses that state they aren’t liable to fix errors. Also, make sure to find a gravestone with a warranty. If there is a warranty, you should contact the monument maker for a replacement or correction.

Government Issued Headstones

If the flawed headstone is government-issued for a veteran, the Department of Veteran Affairs will replace any mistakes without cost. You’ll have to submit proof of the error to get approval for a replacement stone. They will even do so in-kind, meaning the new stone will have the same type, style, and inscriptions as the original.

Removal or On-Site

If you decide to fix the headstone rather than replace it, you’ll have to choose whether to do it on-site or off-site. If you choose to do it off-site, you’ll have to pay to have the stone excavated. Then, you’ll also have to have it reinstalled on the site. Both can be costly expenses. So, you’ll want to see if the artisan will do the stone corrections on-site if possible.

Proof of Ownership

When making any alterations to an already erected gravesite, you need permission from the cemetery. They have records of the ownership of the plots to ensure that a site isn’t disturbed without the consent of the deceased’s inheritor. The legal document that you’ll need to show is called a Deed of Grant.

Problems With the Photo Plaque

Besides the gravestone itself, you may opt for other accessories to enhance your loved one’s final resting place. If you order one of our porcelain plaques for headstones and it arrives damaged or with a mistake, we will correct it free of charge. All you need to provide is the name of the purchaser and the order number.

After learning what to do if there’s a mistake on the headstone, you can take the necessary step to fix your loved one’s monument. Also, if you want to distinguish your loved one’s gravestone with a personalized porcelain picture inside a well-crafted frame, check out the selection at MemorialPics.

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